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Offline Apps promoiton is an area of promotion that falls into the blind spot of most app companies. Offline marketing tactics might not drive as much traffic as an online kareting cmpaingn, but  they will prove to be very cost-effective way to build credibility. 

Offline, or traditional, marketing techniques vary from putting up your business card on a community notice board at the coffee shop to hiring an airplane to fly your banner above the beach in mid-summer. Today we’ll look at 5 proven offline marketing techniques that work.

1. Sponsor Local Events (Special)

For branding and special recognition, consider hosting local events or Meetup groups. If you sponsor or even host your local industry Meetup group, your business will be seen as the authority and as a resource. Other business owners will come to you for questions and may send business your way. Anyone can start a brand new Meetup group, but if you’re starting out with no connections it might be a better route to sponsor and existing group. You can donate money for sponsorship placement, or just give away your products or services to group members and earn some branding goodwill.

Local event options are endless, everything from local industry trade shows to community events are fair game. Get creative with your banner and sign displays, engage with real potential customers, and make that human connection.

Setting up in-store events such as grand openings and anniversary sales brings back loyal customers and attracts curious passers-by. Your event doesn’t have to be big to be successful. Even something simple like a pre-Christmas “party” with music, a Santa and special deals can be effective to draw people in. As long as the event is relevant to your business and fun for customers, it will be memorable for everyone who attends.

As a bonus idea for merging online and offline tactics, consider inviting Elite Yelpers from Yelp to exclusive openings or parties. Not only will the pampering you provide these elite reviewers to see your company in a favorable light, but they carry a degree of online clout that can give you a boost in your online visibility as well. 

2. Conferences and Trade Shows

At tradeshow events you have the unique opportunity of talking to customers that have singled themselves out as potential customers willing to talk to you. They have likely paid good money to be at the industry tradeshow, so they want to squeeze out every last ounce of value they can from the show.

Being visible on a personal business can take your business to customer relationship to a high level faster than other non-personal methods. Attending conferences gives you the opportunity to meet and network with potential partners in your industry. Setting up a booth at a trade show connects you with a fresh group of consumers who are interested in your products and services. Use these events as opportunities to hand out business cards, brochures and flyers printed with your company information.

Before you can charm customers with your wise words and industry knowledge, you have to get their attention. Invest in strong visuals in your trade show display to entice customers to come visit, and offer unique promotional items to get them to stay. Eschew the boring t-shirts and pens and give away something unique and lasting. Such as pull out pens with full color offsetprint on pull out banner on both sides up to 180*68mm. .


3. Innovate with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping is a vastly underutilized source of marketing that many business owners never even think of. Your car is a blank canvas that can by seen by thousands of people a day or more in urban centers, and a great marketing opportunity. Vehicle wrap advertising can range from a full wrap of your vehicle to partial wrapping and smaller decals.

This is a great source of offline advertising because you pay for the cost up front and the value lasts for years. Instead of paying for each eyeball as you would for other forms of paid advertising, the initial investment is up front but pays for itself with potential new business coming your way.

4.Print Marketing

“Old-fashioned” print marketing such as newspaper ads and catalog mailings are effective ways to reach your target market. Giving customers a physical reminder of your business links your online presence to the real world. Be sure to include both online and offline contact information so customers can get in touch with you in the way that’s most convenient for them.

5. Custom Signs and Banners

You should spend just as much time trying to be visible offline as you do on the Internet. Custom signs and banners for your physical business location are eye-catching ways to remind customers you’re there and to entice them to come and check out what’s new.

Banners are often used to alert potential customers of special sales at businesses, or can be used for marketing at local events or sponsorships. A popular offline marketing strategy is sponsoring a local youth sports team. These are often affordable sponsorships, and depending on where it’s placed, can provide high visibility for your business.

Eye catching signs that match your business unique selling proposition can provide additional touch points for the customers to hear your message. Strategically placed around your physical business, or brought out for special occasions, can drive incremental foot traffic for your small business.

6. Free Giveaway Items

Giveaway items are a dime a dozen at tradeshow events, but they’re so common because they work. It’s almost impossible to measure direct ROI on these giveaway items, so see them more as a way to get your brand out there. If you can afford higher quality products such as Moleskine notebooks, quality sports water bottles, or other unique items, these can carry a longer shelf life than your standard t-shirts and pens.

Additionally, you can send free branded promotional products out with every order to increase brand visibility and build a positive relationship with customers. You might also consider offering free shipping or a free product when customers place an order over a certain amount to give them an incentive to continue shopping with you. Little surprises like these will differentiate you in the eyes of the customer and can increase your customer loyalty.

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